Training  and Public Speaking Services

As an educator, training is one of my passions.  For each unique situation, I design, build and deliver training that gives my corporate clients and their employees the opportunity to fulfill their personal work and team goals, focusing on team leadership potential and intercultural issues. 

Offerings (in-house or for small groups)

Seminar May 2016:  Expat Entrepreneur Coaching

A two-day seminar in Olten, Switzerland at the FHNW regarding coaching expat start-ups. 

Registration:  Florinda Cucci, Telefon 062 957 20 41, E-Mail:

Intercultural Communication and Diversity
As globalisation takes over the word, more and more people need to be sensitised to other cultures, and all the categories of diversity training.  As a certified DEW(Diverse Europe at Work) trainer, I am ready to help corporate and individual clients learn how to walk in someone else's shoes.

Leadership Training to Work with Employees
Considering the employees' backgrounds, passions, abilities and needs, cohesive movement is created towards the goals of the whole team. Part of the training will be using Transactional Analysis to help leaders and their teams to work together in a more effective way.

Leadership Styles
Looking at various leadership styles and what is needed at various stages of team and project development, as well as using feedback to help with team productivity is another training offering.

One of the best ways of avoiding burnout is to develop one's resilience so that when stressful situations arise, the client is ready with a pallet of activities that will help them to continue to be productive and healthy in all areas of their lives.

Crisis and Health
As a 10+ year cancer survivor, and the spouse of another one, I coach those dealing with health and other crises.

Presentation, and Communication
Part of leadership is effective communication, whether in front of one, a few or hundreds.  I have given presentation and communication training in schools (Fachhocschulen) and would be willing to do this for you and your company.