EXPAT Services

Expatriate coaching provides specific support for all involved in the assignment, including the employee as well as the accompanying partner. For the employee, expatriate coaching can provide the chance to develop their global leadership capabilities as well as support and guide their career development to leverage their expatriate experience for future assignments and responsibilities.

Coming with your partner who has the new position  is always a challenge. For the accompanying spouse, expatriate coaching can provide career guidance as well as support in establishing a new routine in the host country by identifying goals and objectives during the time abroad as well as a road map of how to get there.

New-to-Switzerland coaching

Expats often need someone who will walk with them as they go through the process of culture shock and integration 

into the new culture.  It is also true that more people are accepting expatriate assignments and contracts in various 

and flexible forms - long-term, short-term, extended or repeated business trips, local-blend and local hires to name a 

few. As such, new strategies have had to develop to support these new types of assignments.   Jehle Coaching can 

help you with this new adventure in your,or your employee's life.

Transition Coaching

The facilitation of professional and personal development and change in an executive expat is the goal for this kind 

of coaching.  Goals  such as personal and professional communication, career transition, performance 

management, organisational  effectiveness, career and personal change management, developing an executive

presence, strategic  thinking enhancement, conflict resolution, and team building are some of the topics covered, with 

the added intercultural factors that expats experience. I have successfully helped expats through career and job change.

Inter-cultural and international issues

I understand the issues personally as an experienced expat and a trained coach and diversity expert. Clients are often expatriate executives, entrepreneurs, spouses or those

working across cultures. Expatriate coaching is flexible in that it can begin at any time during the lifecycle of an 

assignment and complements other intercultural training programs, namely traditional expatriate and repatriation training. 

According to an internal report of the Personnel Management Association, when coaching is combined with training, 

individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.

Start-ups  for Expats

Starting a business in Switzerland as an expat can be challenging and I thrill at coaching start-ups.  

Leadership coaching for Expats

Senior expat leaders and high potentials face many challenges, this is one of my best coaching services.  

Crisis and Health for Expats

As a 10+ year cancer survivor, and the spouse of another one, I coach those dealing with health and other crises.